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Power Generation

As one of the leading companies in power generation, Beco is able to meet the requirement of its customers with an extensive service network. 100% of the electricity we used supply was generated by low capacity diesel-fired engines but now part of the energy we generate is green energy.  But today we are proud to say we generate high voltage and we use a more powerful diesel generation systems and some renewable energy sources such as solar and in the near future some fraction of the power will be generated from wind.

Power Transmission

BECO owns and operates the first High voltage AC transmission lines and substations of 33KV voltage level and has portfolio of more than 25 km of transmission lines and around the city. Power generated from the plant is transmitted to the substation by 20m high galvanized mono poles. BECO primarily aims at addressing the vast potential in Somalia’s transmission sector and has set an ambitious target to set up hundreds of kms of transmission lines in the upcoming years.

Power Distribution

BECO meets the power demand in Somalia’s largest and the most efficient power distribution network. For the new 33kv system BECO has opted to build two gas insulated substation GIS substations, because it requires small space since the substation is enclosed in a building. Each substation is powered by two power transformers each rated 31.5MVA. BECO has invested in the latest technologies resulting in the highest network availability of over 99.76% in the country, which corresponds to the best global standards. It provides world-class customer care services with the help of advanced technologies in the distribution sector. BECO plans to expand its presence in newer geographies in pursuit of the vision of ‘Powering Somalia’.

Customer Care

BECO recognizes that the key to running a successful company is understanding our clients’ needs and meeting their expectations. Since 2014 BECO has continued to grow its client base and expand, managing larger and more complex jobs, while retaining its core values and service. BECO offers commercial clients programmed maintenance schedules and completion of routine electrical systems maintenance with our emergency response call center (333) services available 24/7. We are more than just a customer support for our consumers, our goal is to reach every partner and accomplish success together, in the most efficient way and provide your customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly energy.