Ceo Message

At BECO, we lead the country's industrial energy system and focus all our effort and energy on "product quality" and "innovative ideas". As the CEO, I’m reminded of this all the time. After all, BECO would never have gotten off the ground if not for the hard work and support of its founding members. Significant progress has been made over the past year in charting a new direction for our nation's electricity generation to limit greenhouse gas emissions and shift to cleaner, greener technologies. BECO can proudly say it has the largest Solar energy plant in Somalia. Jabad geele phase 1 plant has a capacity of providing 8MW. Green energy now makes up to 17% of the total energy produced from the plant. The commitment of the CEO in producing green and environmental friendly energy and in the future leaving a zero-carbon footprint has led to the launching of Jabd geele phase 2 which will have a capacity of 25MW and expected to be commissioned mid this year. Since the start of the pandemic, considering energy utilities are a part of essential infrastructure. BECO has worked laborious to supply clients with uninterrupted electricity and customer service at a lower cost than before. We know that our residents, farms and businesses count on BECO to provide reliable and safe electricity, 24/7 At a time when the prices on many services are rising, we are proud that our forward-thinking planning and decisions are paying off for our customers.