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Jabad Gelle 02

Project Details By 2025 our aim is to supply up to 75% of Somalia and the 80% of the generated power to be from green energy. Client BECO Location JabadGelle Mogadishu Power (KWp) 32MW Total Cost 0 Date 14-07-2022 Facebook-f Twitter Youtube Whatsapp Project Summary Being committed to transforming into

Jabad Geelle 01

Project Details For the last 7 years, Beco successfully commissioned 72MW of solar PV power plant, 10MWh battery storage and 80MW base load generation. This system is designed to meet the load of around 365 GWh per year. Client BECO Location Jabadgelle, somalia Power (MW) 2.5MW Date 14-07-2017 Facebook-f Twitter